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Starting a business in France

Opening a branch or a subsidiary abroad can be challenging without the right assistance. With a perfect knowledge of French law, our team can assist you in each step of your implantation: constitution and registration to the right institutions, hiring employees, providing tax forms on a timely basis.

Hiring employees in France

Hiring employees in France is more complex than in US. Our team will secure you that all obligations are met prior the first day of employment. We will monitor all applicable laws and regulations that may affect your tax filings and provide the quarterly and annual declarations to social institutions. 

VAT compliance

Foreign companies can be obligated to be registered with French authorities and file a VAT return depends on their type of commercial transactions they have with French consumers. Our team can assist you to determine and identify your obligations and file the appropriate demands and returns.

Bookkeeping and Corporate tax return

Bookkeeping is more challenging since any entry has to be done in respect of the French Plan Comptable.  Our team can assist you to establish the list of accounts and be in charge of the entry of operations, or train your team to perform the right work. We will ensure that your records is properly done in order to file the tax return, 3 months after the closing date.